Chimpanzee Creations - Sydney's definitive Internet marketing strategist

Internet marketing design is growing in importance. As online advertising budgets grow, so do the budgets to create or build an online web presence.

According to a recent Forrester Research survey, web design is becoming a larger priority for corporations, and that trend is driving a business boom for interactive design shops. This is where ChimpanzeeCreations fits in - we are here to provide and design your complete online marketing vision.

Depending on your specific requirement; ChimpanzeeCreations sources the most suitable partners with the right skill set to ensure best delivery of those individual site business and mareting requirements.


Why design?

Your visual identity - be it a website, a brochure or a logo is the most powerful attribute a business can invest in. The challenge for most businesses is to communicate everything about their business, product or service in a simple succinct visual design that induces brand recall and a promise.

Once established in the market place, it becomes a key acquisition, retention and relationship tool that is switched on 24x7. It is therefore one of the most important initial steps for any business to consider.

We often say that your visual identity is the link between your business and your end purchaser; it creates your brand experience.

ChimpanzeeCreations; over 15 years experience in marketing and online creation. We are bottled for your consumption.


What services you offer?

Not all needs are the same. Some clients wish to have just the web design while others want the full marketing service including training and after support.

We focus on four (4) areas: Strategy, Design, Implementation and Monitor:


Due to the customized nature of clients Internet marketing needs, we provide customized quote and partner with the most suitable service provider to obtain the right skill set to ensure best delivery of those requirements. This way you benefit 100% of the time and we tap into the right skill set for your site's need!

Our web site design pricing structure depends on many factors including but not limited to:

Search engines optimization

Linking strategies

Viral strategies

Web design and development

Logo design and brand creations

Public relations

Traditional media

E-mail publishing

Networking (eg MySpace)

Paid advertising - including banner ads, media buy, paid listing

Email strategies

Development of an affiliate program


See our Internet marketing and consultant price and rate guide.