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Suggested pricing


Design pricing
  Homepage plus one sub page design From $3000
  Logo/Brand creation
(up to 2 design concepts)
$400 - $650
  Visual style guide $350 - $650
  Search engine submission (2) $200 - $600
  Search engine optimisation review $250 per page
  Search engine optimisation $250 per page
  Web development & hosting (4)

Separate quote

Consulting and Creative rate
  Marketing and strategy consultation $100 per hour
  Creative consultation $90 per hour
  Design consultation $75 per hour


Important notes

1. Al prices exclude GST.

2. This means we will optimize the html of your site and submit to all popular search engines including (Google, Yahoo etc) for your site index inclusion which takes up to 6-8 weeks to indexed by search engines. We will optimize your pages for search engine crawlers/robots/spiders. These are not paid listings (or pay-per-click) submissions - which are charged by search engines separately. Paid listings is a unique form of search engine ‘advertising’ which means that you can be guaranteed to appear in the top results for the terms you are interested in within a day or less, so its fast but you will be charged depending by each search engine you select.

4. Depending on your specific requirement; for web development (eCommerce, database, content management etc.) we will typically partner with the most suitable partner with the right skill set to ensure best delivery of those requirements.

3. Fees may vary. Please contact us for update professional fee schedule.

For information about about guaranteed inclusion, please contact us.